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A Mother's Day Letter to all birthing people...

From me to you, and on behalf of those you care for,


Have a powerful, meaningful, simple, smooth, pleasureable Mother's day.

You make the world possible.

I'm right in the middle of my first Mother's Day weekend, ya'll. I did a super classic thing and went to the spa. There are flowers, there is chocolate, and it's hitting me in a whole new way.

I'd been wondering when my capital-M Mother identity would really settle in. I think it's happening. As you know, I've been breadwinner before breastfeeder, so it's been a real shift.

Being seen and acknowledged by community members… the elder mothers at reception bringing me drinks and lunch, the not-yet-mother who provided my first-ever facial, the thai reflexologist, and the poet on site who made me feel unbelievably seen. It made such a difference for me.

I got lucky with super high vibes today, because I said yes to a gift, because others offered gifts. I hope you're sinking into being appreciated this weekend, and that you recognize yourself in exactly the way it's needed.

No matter what your weekend looks like, (today did begin with rage-mopping the dog's footprints off the baby's crawling floor after all…) take some space to visit the spa of recognition in your mind.

I honor you, and all that you do professionally and parentally. All that goes unseen and unspoken. Thank you.

P.S. Head over to the home page to sign up for our virtual meetups! We're creating community and exchanging care.

P.P.S. Have stuff to say about your breastfeeding breadwinner experience? Contribute to this blog! Connect with me through the contact form to set up a discussion.

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