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Gratitude for YOU, breastfeeding breadwinner

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

There's no denying— we are one powerful bunch.

They say business isn't personal, but it's personal to me. And the personal is political. So my work is political, and so is yours. And so is your unpaid labor, and that of your partners. When I started this project, I wasn't sure what kind of value might come of it. I just knew that if I had strong feelings and things to say, other folks must have also. Now that we've spoken, I am beyond motivated to keep listening, uncovering our shared truths, and trying to move the needle toward justice for people in our position. Breastfeeding breadwinners are tender and tenacious. We are powerful and purposeful. We also have needs going largely unmet. I have completed 14 interviews, with 10 more scheduled (so far) in January. Stay tuned for the first of several articles that I'll be writing from what I'm gathering. I'll send them directly to you via email, and for later, I've got my eye on … Please feel free to connect me with anyone else who has something to say about being a breastfeeding breadwinner. Happy New Year. You deserve it.

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